Fostering Collaboration in Earth Observation: Introducing the Domino Architecture

Domino-E contributes to the Domino architecture, creating a novel way of cooperation in European Earth observation.  

The Domino framework presents a groundbreaking approach to Earth observation (EO) by fostering a collaborative environment where industry and science work together throughout the entire development lifecycle, from initial concept to final validation of modular EO building blocks. This unique approach breaks down traditional silos, enabling a more efficient and innovative EO ecosystem.

The Domino architecture eases cooperation

The power of Domino lies in its utilization of existing, well-established standards and interfaces. This eliminates the need to reinvent the wheel, allowing stakeholders to leverage their existing expertise while focusing on developing cutting-edge solutions.

At the core of this framework are Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). These innovative companies are invited to develop specialized “Dominos” – building blocks that adhere to the established standards. This fosters a vibrant marketplace where SMEs can showcase their expertise by creating unique solutions that address specific EO challenges.

The Domino-X project has created many of the foundations on which Domino-E is built. The Domino architecture is explained in the video. (

Vast market potentials for modular EO systems

The market potential for EO is vast, and Airbus as the leading European system integrator plays a crucial role in bringing these solutions to fruition. By offering a wide range of innovative Domino building blocks, SMEs provide system integrators with the tools they need to create comprehensive and powerful EO solutions. 

This collaborative approach benefits everyone involved, driving innovation and ultimately delivering superior insights from Earth observation data.

In essence, the Domino framework:

  • ⁠Breaks down barriers: Fosters collaboration between industry and science throughout the development process.
  • ⁠Leverages existing standards: Utilizes established interfaces to ensure seamless integration.
  • ⁠Empowers SMEs: Provides a platform for SMEs to develop and showcase their innovative solutions.
  • ⁠Maximizes market potential: Creates a rich ecosystem that benefits both SMEs and system integrators.

Domino-E’s contribution to the Domino story

The Domino story is being written by numerous European companies in the space industry, which are expanding the joint EO ecosystem in various projects. The EU-funded Domino-E project is contributing three dominoes to the system architecture: an innovative Coverage Service (Federation Domino), a Mission Booking Service (Satellite Communication and Resource Management Domino), and an innovative Virtual Assistant Service (User Access Domino). 

This novel approach has the potential to speed up and optimize the way EO data is processed and utilized, leading to a new era of discovery and innovation in European Earth observation.