Backcast: DOMINO-E at ESAW Conference 2024

ESAW poster

We’re delighted to announce that the European Union-funded DOMINO-E project made a splash at the European Space Agency Week (ESAW) conference earlier this month! Following Gauthier Picard’s recent presentation at the 23rd International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems in Auckland, New Zealand, this was the second opportunity this year to reach out to stakeholders and innovators and discuss Domino-E. At ESAW, our team presented two posters showing our progress in making Earth observation data more accessible, faster and more accurate.

DOMINO-E Posters

The ESAW conference is a premier event that brings together space agencies, research institutions and industry leaders. It provided the perfect platform to share our vision for a more accessible and user-friendly Earth observation data ecosystem. The two posters presented at ESAW detailed DOMINO-E’s innovative multi-mission federation layer. This layer will allow users to seamlessly access data from different satellites and missions, enabling them to address critical challenges in environmental monitoring, agriculture, disaster management and more.

The presentations were received with great enthusiasm by the ESAW attendees. Particularly valuable feedback was given on the relationship between satellite constellations and the optimal distribution of ground stations for data collection, as well as concerns about the complexity of the optimisation problem for a small number of satellites and stations.

The feedback received at the conference will be instrumental in guiding our development efforts as we move forward. We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in ESAW and look forward to keeping you updated on the progress of DOMINO-E. Stay tuned for further developments in making Earth observation data accessible to all!