Project Outputs


Deliverable 3.2 - Design and Interface Requirement for Coverage Management
Deliverable 4.2 - Design and Interface Communication Booking
Deliverable 8.1 - Communication Strategy and Action Plan (CASP)
Deliverable 8.2 - Engagement Workshops
Deliverable 8.3 - Project Website
Deliverable 8.4 - Project Brochure
Deliverable 8.5 - 1st Dissemination report


Domino-E is only one out of numerous domino’s. The central domino creating an ecosystem of partners on the satellite ground system is called Domino-X. It is also the one domino setting standards for interoperability and integrates satellite systems. There is no Domino-E without Domino-X. This section is to inform yourself about the technical, scientific and organisational challenges tackled in Domino-X.

Towards a Smart and Open EO ground segment. Presentation at the Living Planet Symposium, May 2022
Novak, D. et al., 2022. "Future ground segments with standardized interfaces: the Domino-X project". Conference Paper presented at the 73rd International Astronautical Congress IAC), Paris, France. 18-22 September 2022.