Help satellite mission planners understand, what people say

Image: (c)Airbus-Sandra Walther

Domino-E’s Latvian partner Tilde is working on a virtual assistant that allows users to request satellite images without knowing the technical jargon and details of Earth observation.

The Domino-E project has recently been featured by Latvian tech and science blog Labs of Latvia. The article explains Latvian partner Tilde’s role in the project, which is a very central one. Raivis Skadiņš of Tilde gives some insights into the work of Domino-E. 

In Domino-E, Latvian partner Tilde deals with natural language processing, in order allow users of Earth observation technology to express their needs in natural language. A virtual assistant will then connect them to the system they need. 

“The virtual assistant will help people to access satellite images more easily,” says Raivis Skadiņš, Research and Development Director of Tilde. “As long as such a system doesn’t exist, the only way to get the necessary satellite images is through consultation with the agency’s experts, who help determine what kind of information is needed and where to find it. This comes at high costs, besides, consultants are not immediately available – the number of questions handled per day is limited. The current situation significantly slows down the use of Earth observations. The possibility of freer access to data will help to use it more intensively.”

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